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WPC (ETA) Approval

For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled Products


The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) is the division of the Ministry of Communication & Information technology. It is responsible for managing, regulating and planning the frequency for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices.

How to get WPC Approval?

The manufacturer needs to get the product tested as per notified standard from NABL approved lab. Then manufacturer needs to apply on WPC Portal along with test report and other related documents. After scrutiny of all documents, WPC office Issues the ETA number and certificate.

RACAP India assists Indian manufacturers in getting WPC approval for wireless products for general use.

Important Information - WPC Approval

Frequency Chart

Applicants can see the frequency chart for ETA/WPC approval, which is mandatory for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth products.

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Mandatory Documents

Below are the mandatory documents and Info required for WPC Approval:

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Estimate Costing and Time Frame

For more details please Contact - +91-8750661196, Email:

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Validity and Renewal

Validity and Renewal for ETA and IL is given as below:

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