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TEC Certification

For Telecom Products


TEC is abbreviation for Telecommunication Engineering Centre. TEC Certification is mandatory for notified Telecom Products. This certificate is given to Original Equipment Manufacturer who wants to sell or use the equipment in India. TEC Certificate is issued by Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

How to get TEC Certification?

For getting TEC Certificate the product will be tested and evaluated with notified standard of TEC. Then it will be required to apply to TEC Portal with related documents. TEC Certificate will be issued after verification of the test report and all related documents.

Important Information - TEC Certification

Mandatory Product List

These are the mandatory product list for TEC Certification :

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Required Documents

These are list of required documents:

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Groups and Schemes in TEC

Below are Groups and Schemes in TEC Certification:

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Estimate Costing and Time frame

For more details please Contact - +91-8750661196, Email:

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