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RACAP India is a project of RACAP Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization. This is registered with ROC, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. This is also recognized by different Industry Association & Chambers.

The aim and objective of the RACAP India is to assist Indian Industry by for all kinds of regulations & compliance exercise to move the business ahead. RACAP India provides comprehensive guideline and process support to get align with Indian regulations & compliance to grow your business in India. We facilitate our services across the country.

RACAP India is founded and managed by experts from the field of top consultants of industry with relevant technical background. Our experts provide the best suitable assistance to entrepreneurs by practicing a pioneering work approach.

We are looking forward to tag India as 5T Economy soon…!!


India has big potency to become as top three economy of the world if we organize our industry properly. Ease of doing business in terms of regulations & compliance will play important role to achieve the same. Let’s organize.



India as 5 Trillion Economy.